What Are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are an investment alternative that merges money from multiple investors to invest the accumulated funds in securities. Several investors put their capital in mutual funds to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, fixed-income funds, index funds, hybrid funds, and other assets.

Why Invest In Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are the perfect option for investors who don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket. Combined with diversification, mutual funds extend the advantages like professional funds management and low costs to the investors.

How Do I Invest In Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds can be obtained through a mutual fund distributor or an agent. Mutual funds are also traded on exchanges and can be purchased and sold there. ValuEthics offers both services, acting as a distributor agent for mutual funds, as well as providing broking services for trading in the markets.

Importance of Mutual Fund Distributor

The best Mutual Fund Distributor can further guide you in understanding the benefits of different forms of investment and which is best suited for your future plans.

The mutual fund advisor should have a good understanding of diverse asset classes like equity, fixed income, and gold. They should be able to decipher and recognize how different investment classes would be influenced by various domestic and international developments. The best Mutual Fund Distributor should be able to identify stocks that will meet other life stage requirements as they are required to.

Many investors do not want to discuss their finances and investments with too many people several times, since these are confidential matters. You will need a financial advisor who can handle your assets with appropriate confidentiality. Choose an unbiased Mutual Fund Distributor, can offer you mutual fund products from all fund houses.

Why Invest In Mutual Funds With ValuEthics?

The biggest obstacle faced by an Equity Mutual Fund Investor today is that of an EXIT from the Fund, i.e. figuring out when to sell the Fund. Everyone in the market comes with an equipped knowledge of the ENTRY into the Fund by assessing its bottom value (Bottom Fishing Approach). Still, nobody has a proven mechanism for timely EXITS from the Funds to take advantage of the Market Correction by booking timely profits and later on get the Privilege to Buyback the investment at a lower NAV.

We, at ValuEthics, have come up with a unique solution in the mode of an Artificial Intelligence-based Equity MF Maximiser Software, which is Absolute NO-COST/ FREE Add-on Product which is provided to our Customers.

What Is The Significance Of  This Service/Product?

This is a Valuemulticaps Equity MF Maximiser Software is a Third Party Product which is made of more than 100+ metrics & 9 unique indicators and helps in giving timely signals when you ENTER the Fund at a Lower/Attractive NAV, and also provides with signals which give RARE EXITS from the Fund at a Higher NAV.

This unique product helps us serve our Potential customers/clients with such conviction and efficiency, which has helped our clients generate 3-5% additional returns over the Market Returns.

With an accuracy rate of 90+%, this Software is a boon in itself for the Investor to provide him with Extra-ordinary returns on their MF investments.

How Does This Process Work?

Leverage The Investment Opportunity Into Mutual Funds Through
Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Based Equity Mf Software As Value Add/Free Of Cost Service