Understanding Insurance

Insurance is a policy or a mutual agreement that individuals or businesses buy from insurance companies by paying periodic premiums in return for financial security or reimbursement against future losses (depending on the terms and conditions of the agreement).

There are several different insurance solutions accessible in the market. The most standard types of insurance policies include life, health, motor, travel, and vehicle insurance.

When picking an insurance solution, you should consider details like the policy limit, insurance premium, and claim processes. Enquire about any deductions or terms and conditions required for claiming the benefits of the policy. Understanding these points will help you choose the insurance policy that best suits your needs.

Importance of Insurance Services

Insurance is a highly misinterpreted product, and it’s often purchased and sold for the wrong purposes. At the same time, it’s a vital part of your life, and you need to know precise practices to make the right decisions.

Many people consider insurance to be just another investment for tax savings. Our daily life is filled with unpredictable risks, for instance, loss of life, loss of revenue, critical illnesses, disability, etc. Insurance planning, with the help of a SEBI-registered investment advisor in Pune, involves figuring out the adequate cover needed against insurable risks and receiving the maximum benefits for the premium you pay. Tax exemption is just an added aspect of it, not the purpose.

Holding the right insurance cover provides you peace of mind as it offers financial support in the event of emergencies.

Both human life and the business world are full of risks and unpredictability. In such scenarios, insurance solutions are crucial for individuals and enterprises a like.

The Benefits Include

  • Insurance shields you against uncertainty, risk, and unexpected losses.
  • You can even mortgage insurance policy and gather funds in case of financial crises.
  • Several insurance policies assist you with tax benefits for the expense of premium paid.

Why ValueEthics For Insurance Solutions?

ValuEthics is the one-step solution to your Term Insurance, Health Insurance & Investment-Linked Insurance.

As trusted wealth creator services, we at ValuEthics understand the magnitude of risk exposure that wealth brings along with reward. Our team of analysts place a high priority on designing and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies that help our investors in achieving high standards of wealth protection, reduced exposure to risk and a peaceful state of mind with no worries.

What We Provide

ValuEthics is an investment advisor in Pune, associated with the best insurance companies in the industry – LIC, HDFC, ICICI, & Star Health.

  • Our experts will help you understand the risk you get insured for and all other terms and conditions.
  • We help you select the right plan for your requirements.
  • We have a well-defined claim process to make claim settlements easier.
  • We send you renewal notices of policies and also maintain relevant MIS of policies, initial premiums, and claims.

Types Of Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

General Insurance

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